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Data Insider

Do you have the time to focus on everything that needs your attention? To balance the time between operating and expanding? Some days, some years, it takes all your energy just to keep the plates spinning. Data can help.

Q: Do you want to know more about how to apply data at work?

Q: Does data mystify you, or even slightly scare you?

Q: Would you like to be more confident in those tech meetings?

A: Then I created DATA INSIDER just for you! This short, free guide takes you through the basics. When you are happy with the basics, the follow-on email course and industry news updates will keep you informed as data and analytics adapt for the future.

After reading this guide you will become comfortable with business data and understand its immense power. Not sure? I'd love to hear from you on LinkedIn or by email. Sign up below!


Dettco Insider

This is my premium, paid inbox briefing that comes out once a week. This is for business owners, entrepreneurs and the C-Suite.

We focus specifically on these areas: data and analytics, project management and business processes.

We are not tied to any specific industry sector. We're like a better value version of the merged with The Economist!

20 years of top-flight business experince is all yours for just £5 a month. We are unashamedly UK-centric but we do look at global trends and how they affect the UK.